samArtseal began its mission over 25 years ago when record company merchandisers went into retail music stores with an armload of the latest band posters, a pair of scissors, a staple gun and a roll of Scotch tape.

With a style similar to today’s graffiti artists they created extravagant 3-D displays. But their creations often didn’t last for very long. As soon as the next studio rep came in, down went the earlier display, staples notwithstanding.

This in-store merchandising war gave birth to Artseal. We gave marketers a durable solution for their promotional posters. Soon, store managers took back control of their wall space. An Artseal poster owned its spot until the manager removed it and often retained it as a collector’s item.

BritneyEspecially valued are the autographed posters which became sought-after collectibles. Artseal plaquemounts were even transformed into prizes for in-store contests.

There have been many changes in the music retailing. But the concept of exploiting free display space for promotional posters endures and the ability of Artseal’s plaquemounts to secure that space for advertisers persists.  

Many of our original customers still use our product. And manufacturers as diverse as pharmaceutical and automotive have turned their promotional posters into indestructible selling tools. Our product continues to give marketers an edge over their competition and often the last advertising message a consumer sees before they buy.


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