Spend as little as $10 and get targeted impressions at the point-of-sale.


Artseal puts your promotional poster in front of your prospects at the moment they’re planning to make a purchase.

We take your existing poster and turn it into an indestructible selling tool with many of these features:

Custom Sizes: Our plaquemounts are custom made to your poster size so you can utilize your creative to the fullest. We can accommodate sizes from an 8.5” x 11” mission statement to a 27” x 40” movie poster.

Flexible Volume: We can make as many plaquemounts as you have dealers. Do a national campaign, regional or local. We start with a quantity of ONE and don’t make anymore than you need. There’s no wastage and no overage.

Effective: Our plaquemounts get choice placement, locking out the competition. They can also be partnered with other media.

Long Exposure: Plaquemounts are durable and highly valued. Dealers often keep them displayed well beyond the term of your campaign.

Targeted: You’re guaranteed you’re reaching your target when your dealer hangs it up.

Safe: No glass to break like a framed poster and they’re a snap to hang.

Easy to ship: We take care of all your fulfillment requirements and can pack other media you’ve created in our kit. Plaquemounting works great in combination with other media – tri-fold brochures, easel cards, vinyl banners, corrugated displays, price books, DVD’s etc.

Inexpensive: When was the last time you could spend as little as $10 and get choice placement and targeted impressions at the point-of-sale?

“We have a product we sell for as low as $10 that sells a $50,000 car of the year – how’s that for R.O.I.?”

– Zal Press, President