“Artseal places your promotional posters where your customers are – guaranteed!” – Zal Press, President

Reach your ideal customers with the right message, in the right place at the right time.

Put your promotional poster where your best prospects can't miss it. Place-based posters in your dealer showrooms connect you with your prospects when they are ready to buy.

Market at eye level.

Placing your poster advertising in your consumer’s direct line of sight develops a more personal connection. Artseal makes it easy to connect with your consumer’s eye when they’re making the final decision to buy your product.

Own a billboard advertising network that’s available for Free.

The best out-of-home media reach your prospects when they're in a position to buy what you sell. Artseal gives you the power to own Free advertising space in your dealer showrooms where you can influence a purchase.

Make the power of One work for you.

A single poster, placed with targeted accuracy, can equal the power of dozens and give you a distinct edge over your competition in the war zone of the selling environment.

Partner with other media.

Your promotional poster can be the centerpiece of place-based advertising or be part of a campaign that stretches across any number of other media.

“Each form of advertising has its role, but, in very candid terms, POP is the only form that is at hand when consumers reach for their money”

– Gerald H. Long President and CEO of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

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